SERI - Swiss state secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation
Since 2018 the Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation is directly supporting candidates for federal examinations with funding of preparatory courses. To accompany this new measure, SERI has launched an online portal where learners can submit funding applications and trainers can publish and update course offerings.

After a few months of operation, SERI wished to evaluate the quality of the user experience and usability for learners and trainers and identify areas for improvement.

User tests with 6 candidates and 5 trainers in French and German-speaking Switzerland revealed some major usability problems, particularly for the candidates. They had to repeat the process, did not understand all labels and perceived the process as too complicated. An UX expert evaluation was conducted to complement the observations during the tests.

Our recommendations are progressively implemented and will help to reduce the number of contacts with SBFI support and significantly increase user satisfaction among both learners and trainers.