MOS - Mind on Site (DEMOS group)

Mind on site offers a training platform (LMS Chorus) that enables its customers to create e-learning courses and make them available to their employees.

The new "MOS Universal Player" for smartphone and tablet should enable learners to access all their e-learning courses (several hundred courses), follow them in connected or disconnected mode and track their progress on a smartphone or tablet.

In order to make the MOS teams benefit from the UX skills within their team, I worked for 4 months several days a week in their offices in Lausanne.

Through a first phase of wireframing and UX specification, we defined the UX concept, the information architecture and the details of the application screens. 2 cycles of user tests allowed us to refine and validate the interface.

Close collaboration with the product manager, the graphic designer and the development teams in China as well as regular UX audits allowed us to guarantee an optimal user experience of the application.

The application was launched in 2019 with several major MOS customers. Today, the application continues to be enhanced with new functionalities for future versions (gaming, offline use, etc.).

The UX concept introduced for the Universal Player now serves as the UX guideline for other digital MOS products, and our collaboration is ongoing.