International user experience testing & research with UX Fellows

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Uservalue is a Swiss usability and user experience (UX) consulting agency. Uservalue is the unique Swiss partner of UX Fellows, a global network of 29 user experience research consultancies, which allows conducting international user tests. In addition, our multilingual team of experts can carry out tests with users in their own language across Switzerland.

International Testing : Why test with UX Fellows and Uservalue ?

User testing internationally will allow you to better understand user needs and behaviors across cultures, and validate your product in different markets.

International Testing with UX Fellows and Uservalue brings several benefits :

  • Our large international network covers almost every continent (Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific) and most major markets.
  • From getting a quote to getting your results, the process is very simple and cost effective, with a single point of contact nearest to you.
  • Our network comprises some of the Top UX consultancies in each country, with trained user experience experts who provide the highest quality of user research and testing.

Multilingual Testing in Switzerland : Why test with Uservalue ?

Switzerland’s different linguistic regions have their own culture and attitudes towards digital products and services. To maximize the chances of success of your product or service in Switzerland, you should consider testing with users in Romandie (e.g. Lausanne), in the German-speaking part of Switzerland (e.g. Berne, Zürich), as well as in Ticino (e.g. Lugano).

Multilingual user testing in Switzerland with Uservalue brings several benefits :

  • Our user tests are conducted by usability and user experience experts who are native speakers (German, French and Italian), no need to hire a translator or a non-expert moderator
  • We are a single point of contact for your user tests in Switzerland, no need to hire and manage several consultancies
  • We provide a cost-effective way of testing across Switzerland's regions, while ensuring the highest quality and consistency of results
  • Our unique Mobile Lab features the latest technology in non-intrusive recording and streaming, allowing us to test anywhere in Switzerland just like in a state-of-the art fixed Lab
  • We work with Switzerland’s largest panels (25.000+ users), allowing us to find the target users for testing your product of service in almost every city