We help create intuitive, enjoyable and safe experiences for web, mobile and business applications (and more).

We help create intuitive, enjoyable and safe experiences for web, mobile and business applications (and more).

We help design user experiences (UX) that will lift your business and we help promote a user centric business culture in your organization.

To achieve this, we use our 15+ years of experience, our know-how and our unique approach to UX, based on evidence gathering about users and creative problem solving.

Our services

User Research

We understand and analyse the true needs and behaviours of your users, to design products and services they want to use.

Interviews, Ethnographies, Surveys, CardSort, Top Tasks

User Tests

We observe and measure what your users really do, to identify your interface’s pain points and improve its ease of use, desirability, quality and safety.

Usability tests, Agile tests, Eye Tracking, Multilingual tests, International tests with UX Fellows

UX Audits, Trainings

We systematically validate your interface’s usability and efficiency, and we train you to implement a human-centred design approach.

Usability audit, Persuasion – emotion – trust reviews, UX training, UXQB® certification

Interface Redesign

We produce deeply improved versions of your interfaces that reflect your users’ needs, and that are truly effective.

Information architecture, Wireframing, UX workshops, Participatory design

Project Assistance

We support each step of your technology project to efficiently reach your objectives and transfer UX skills.

Requirements document, UX project plan, Agile UX, UX coaching, User studies methodology

Manuals, Training Materials

We write simple, clear, and easy to understand materials to effectively support and train your users.

User manuals, Training materials, User training

They trust us

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Why work with us ?

Trusted advisor

We invest time understanding our clients business needs and objectives in order to build long term relationships based on trust.

Unique approach

Our holistic approach to user experience allows us to deliver results that typically exceed our clients’ expectations.

Proven methodology

We rely on a proven methodology tried and tested through 15+ years of experience spent developing UX in our clients’ projects.


We believe in collaboration and we adapt to deliver our services as an integrated part of our clients’ project teams.

Tangible results

We deliver tangible and pragmatic results because we understand that you expect a significant impact from your UX investment.

Skills transfer

We consider that UX skills transfer is part of our engagement and we are committed to helping our clients become more self sufficient.

Our team

Dorit Horst Photo

Dorit Horst

Dorit has been working for more than 12 years as a usability expert and user experience consultant for large clients and SMEs in Switzerland, France and Germany.

Julien Roland Photo

Julien Roland

Julien has 15+ years of experience in human-centred design, project assistance, change management and organizational consulting in information technology.

Marco Pedrotti Photo

Marco Pedrotti

Macro has been developing Eye Tracking methods for more than 6 years to better understand customers, which earned him several citations in top-tier scientific journals.